Exhibit Trends – Fall 2014 Collection

New trends in exhibits are turning heads faster than the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Modular Exhibit Design:

Why have different exhibits for different floor spaces?

Modular exhibits enable you to utilize elements in different configurations starting from the 10’x10′ building upscale with mix and match exhibit pieces to 20’x30′ and beyond.

Engagement & Smartification:

Integrating technology from touchscreen monitors, motion activated kinect kiosks and full immersion wearable technology. One technology element will set your exhibit apart from your competition.

Lighter Colors

Many companies are embracing their corporate color pallettes with a clean fresh look utilizing a simple reverse color process. It’s like integrating a splash of color on a neutral outfit, adding a color pop with a scarf, purse or shoes. Against a solid background, it pops versus being diluted in a sea of ordinary corporate colors.

Hand in hand with the lighter colors, lighter flooring — from light wood tones to patterned laminate give a fresh new take on tradeshow carpet.

Lounge Spaces in the Booth

Bringing a casual elegance and an opportunity to engage in semi-private conversations on the show floor.

What will INSPIRE your new exhibit design?

Stepping out of your organization’s comfort zone takes courage to be different. It also opens doors to new niche markets. Be an exhibit hipster and stay ahead of the pack.

Fashion – Music – Design – Technology are elements that infuse inspiration & breath new life in formulaic designs.

ThinkĀ SXSW.

ThinkĀ Exhibit CONTROL.

Exhibit Control is a woman-owned business committed to creative and innovative exhibit, event, and environment design & production.

Eileen McCann, Branded Environment Consultant


Craig Stegner