Building Relationships into your Exhibit & Event Strategy


The exhibit experience offers an opportunity to convey more than simply your logo.  Your exhibit begins the process of courting your candidates and showing them that this job opportunity can become an extension of their lives, more than “just a job”.

How do I integrate relationships into exhibits?

Building a relationship with the candidate includes telling the story of your Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), their role, activities, and how the candidate can become a part of these groups.  How will they fit in — does your company have affinity groups like running clubs, softball teams, and other special interest groups?

Matching Tablecloth & Banner Stands

Who doesn’t want good PR?

It also opens the door to sharing good news about your company.  Yes sales and profits are important, although more concrete human relationship news of “Giving Back” and “Building the Community” are becoming more powerful with the millenial generation..  How can they be a part of these initiatives, how often do they take place and…is there media coverage at these events?  Encouraging selfies and creating hashtags for these events & initiatives is a simple way to extend the good PR.

These are great ideas, but how do we integrate this into our exhibit?

It takes collaboration to determine the important relationship elements that make your organization shine above the the competition.  Our design team develops unique architecture that integrates these elements into the exhibit and event design, not simply an afterthought.

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Craig Stegner