September 1, 2014
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New trends in exhibits are turning heads faster than the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Modular Exhibit Design: Why have different exhibits for different floor spaces? Modular exhibits enable you to utilize elements in different configurations starting from the 10’x10′ building upscale with mix and match exhibit pieces to 20’x30′ and beyond. Engagement & Smartification: Integrating

August 27, 2014
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Louis Vuitton, Shinola Detroit, Mercedes Benz take note — Goldman Sachs has joined the club. As the shift for top talent begins to wane away from standard tangible offers such as salary, full benefits, flexible work arrangements, the Harvard Business Review reports a major new emerging driver for attracting candidates: PRESTIGE Can an exhibit communicate prestige? Absolutely! Goldman

June 30, 2014
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Tradeshows offer a perfect opportunity for communicating your corporate story. Some organizations are locked in with the same exhibit house for years.  Exhibit and design although workable isn’t functional and hasn’t kept up with technology or exhibit trends that attract top talent.  Sound familliar? How do you get management buy-in for moving in a fresh

May 21, 2014
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What image does your organization convey when top talent is required to complete forms by hand at your booth?  eC TappPro, an online and offline Lead Management & Survey tool automates this process and is available for use on iOS or Android devices Also accessible on mobile phones via QR codes, there is no need for Lead