April 1, 2016
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The best way to motivate your team is to give them something to be proud of. After all, who wants to be stuck standing behind a draped table looking across the room as attendees flock to the latest technologies? If your company has something great to offer but needs some help attracting the right candidates,

December 20, 2015
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As the 2015 recruiting season winds down, and you assess your ROI, budget and strategy for 2016, take a quiet moment to reflect on your overall tradeshow presence.  Consider the vibe that attendees feel when they experience your exhibit or event.  Quick personal assessment: How do you stand up against competitors?  Are you communicating your brand?  Showcasing technology?

June 17, 2014
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The exhibit experience offers an opportunity to convey more than simply your logo.  Your exhibit begins the process of courting your candidates and showing them that this job opportunity can become an extension of their lives, more than “just a job”. How do I integrate relationships into exhibits? Building a relationship with the candidate includes