Creating Exhibit Status

August 27, 2014
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Louis Vuitton, Shinola Detroit, Mercedes Benz take note — Goldman Sachs has joined the club.

As the shift for top talent begins to wane away from standard tangible offers such as salary, full benefits, flexible work arrangements, the Harvard Business Review reports a major new emerging driver for attracting candidates: PRESTIGE

Can an exhibit communicate prestige? Absolutely!

Goldman Sachs understands that employment at their organization is increasingly sought after. This drove their decision to rethink their exhibit & event presence. Partnering with Exhibit CONTROL to create a cohesive branding strategy that encompasses branding in all areas of their tradeshow experience, delivered a high-class exhibit design which increased booth traffic and very importantly — communicated prestige.

Extend your presence beyond your exhibit.

Exhibit CONTROL carried the consistent branding including way-finding signage and a candidate interview lounge with the same class as the Goldman Sachs exhibit.


The foundation for cohesive branding was successfully set with crowds at the booth and a packed interview schedule. The final step to communicate branding was to elevate the hospitality suite concept to new levels.

Battery powered way-finding beacons provided simple, classy directional signage. Individual interview kiosks illuminated the Goldman Sachs logo throughout the reception area and completed the branding strategy. Traffic to their booth skyrocketed, candidates as well as other employers were equally impressed with the design and the buzz it created.

If your organization is participating in tradeshows, the impression your exhibit communicates is powerful.

Considering an exhibit redesign?

Exhibit CONTROL is a woman-owned business dedicated to designing and creating branded exhibits and events that communicate your story. Elevate your brand with your exhibit & events and Exhibit CONTROL.


Eileen McCann, Branded Environment Consultant



Craig Stegner