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What image does your organization convey when top talent is required to complete forms by hand at your booth?  eC TappPro, an online and offline Lead Management & Survey tool automates this process and is available for use on iOS or Android devices Also accessible on mobile phones via QR codes, there is no need for Lead Management scanners or expensive Internet connections.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had the stress-inducing intermittent internet connections in hotels and convention centers?

eC TappPro is the perfect addition to pre-show communications, in-booth kiosks, and follow-up measurement tools.  eC TappPro Features include:

  • Custom survey creation
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Kiosk capability
  • QR Code and social accessibility
  • Online or offline functionality
  • Simple or complex surveys
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Real-time dashboard 




We collaborate with your team to create a fluid and easy to navigate survey that meets your team’s event objectives.  When candidates approach, they will meet with your recruiter and create a talent profile via tablet, iPad or mobile device, entering their name and contact information.  Next the candidate will select their areas of interest and education summary. Upon finishing, the candidate automaticlly receives an e-mail touching the candidate TWICE prior to them leaving your booth.

What does the candidate think of your organization now?

“High-tech, streamlined process…When can I start?”

The data is https secured which protects data from client to server and is cookie free. eC provides you with industry tested standards and real-time powerful analytics with data exported into PDF, Excel and CSV formats.

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