So long #tbt, Hello #trending

December 20, 2015
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Exhibit & Event Vibe As the 2015 recruiting season winds down, and you assess your ROI, budget and strategy for 2016, take a quiet moment to reflect on your overall tradeshow presence.  Consider the vibe that attendees feel when they experience your exhibit or event.  Quick personal assessment:

How do you stand up against competitors?  Are you communicating your brand?  Showcasing technology? Making the world a better place?  Are you proud of your exhibit and event branding & design?  Be honest-we won’t post pictures.

This internal inquisition can fractionalize in many directions.  Let’s think about the one that many of us face;  You aren’t satisfied, it looks old-school and REALLY…

…your exhibit is a candidate for Throwback Thursdays (all the time)

So you have limited budget yet still want to be a Change Agent to implement necessary changes with  your “been there – done that” exhibit?  Please don’t add cardboard signs and call it a day “it’s fixed”.  Take ownership  — remember what excited you when you first started, work together with a great partner that can help bring your ideas to life.  You can make changes for the right reasons.

It takes courage, vision, and a experience to make changes to exhibits and events.  Exhibit Control, a woman-owned company has re-purposed existing structures, created multi purposed branding and increased ROI with minimal investment without the dreaded (we won’t name names) cookie cutter solution.

Try something new for 2016–become your organization’s change agent.

Partnering with Exhibit Control infuses life into tired exhibits & events, turns “blah” workshops into rocking, standing room only events. Result? Coveted brand status & exclusivity – increasing booth traffic to obtain VIP passes.

So long #tbt, Hello #trending

Eileen McCann currently works magic with Exhibit Control ~ together with a great team, creating exhibits and events with (we’re being honest) a cool vibe and aspiring Global Change Agents.

Join the tour today.


Craig Stegner