Maximize your Branding Story

June 30, 2014
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Tradeshows offer a perfect opportunity for communicating your corporate story.

Some organizations are locked in with the same exhibit house for years.  Exhibit and design although workable isn’t functional and hasn’t kept up with technology or exhibit trends that attract top talent.  Sound familliar?

How do you get management buy-in for moving in a fresh direction?

STEP 1:  Complete a branding assessment to see where you stand.

Not sure where to start? Let’s do a quick run-thru of where you should start on your exhibit branding strategy:

What are your organizational objectives:

  • Attract & recruit top talent
  • Touch consumers with product
  • Communicate brand objectives (divisions, locations, open positions, company story, etc)
  • Share good PR
  • Communicate “Onlyness” – what does your company offer that is unique?
  • Other

Rank your Exhibit Objectives

  • Stand out from the Competition
  • Maximize booth space/Traffic flow
  • Product areas
  • Seating/Quiet areas
  • Vibe
  • Technology
  • Storage
  • Hanging Sign

Do your events & environments continue your exhibit branding strategy?

  • Brand Recognition
  • Is your branding story from your exhibit carried through
  • Is your design organized, inviting and appealing
  • Marketing materials
  • Wayfinding signage


STEP 2: Where does your exhibit and events rank?

In some cases, you may be all set, others you may have outside factors including budget that make this transition difficult.  In many cases we have found that all signs point to the fact that a fresh exhibit concept is a necessity.


STEP 3:  Have courage to make a difference in your organization.

Ultimately our goal is to empower you with a complete case study for management to jump onboard with your exhibit rebranding journey – and to partner with you to provide all the tools necessary to make maximizing your branding story a reality.

Try our online assessment tool

Check out our next edition where Exhibit CONTROL will showcase a client that has successfully partnered with eC to carry their exclusive brand story through all arms of the recruiting events.

Craig Stegner