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Branding Strategies

Our branding strategies provide continuity and brand recognition through all elements of your tradeshow and event marketing plan with one comprehensive strategy.

Campus Recruiting:

We coordinate with your recruiters and handle the complete execution of the project: Set-up & dismantle, AV, logistics, giveaways, inventory control, and storage. Events flow smoothly leaving you free to interact with potential candidates.

Graphics & Signage:

Powerful and informative complete the exhibit architecture. Signs, banners, and color treatments at various heights and angles enhance your brand image and create a presence that will capture your audience.

Project Management:

From concept to loading the final item on the truck after the show, eC is with you every step. Our project manager is present to supervise installation, during the show and dismantle and is always reachable and available to the client. COST SAVINGS Supervisor’s rate and expenses are pro-rated based on number of clients exhibiting in the same show.

Shipping & Storage

Locally, nationally and internationally. Our nationwide warehouses allow your exhibit to be close to your next show, saving shipping costs. Shipping is pro-rated based on number of clients exhibiting & ability to include properties in one truckload.

Show Services

Including labor, furniture, AV, carpet, cleaning, electrical and drayage include pre-show completion of forms, on-site supervision of all vendors and post-show vendor invoice auditing and conflict resolution.

Team Apparel & Giveaways

Carry your branding theme with professional, high-quality team apparel and giveaways that attract talent to your booth or event and communicate your brand.


Including Hospitality Suites, Team Meetings, Networking Receptions, Workshops, Branded Environments such as Interview Lounges & more.


Exhibit Control transforms your events into memorable branded environments.

We carry your consistent branding message from your exhibit to your event environment in an inviting and professional atmosphere. We partner with you to create a unique vision that communicates your brand and stands apart from the competition.

Let eC manage the Details

From A/V, catering & décor to VIP Passes and interactive stations. Your environment will engage attendees by integrating innovative multi-media, and by utilizing eC TappPro, collecting data and event analytics to evaluate your event ROI.


We work with you to maximize your budget and bring your vision to life.

Event Management Services Include:

Concept & Room Design, Lighting, Audio/Video, Staging, Décor, Catering, Entertainment, VIP Passes, Giveaways, Way-finding Signage & more.

Enjoy your event experience with eC

eC TappPro

Collects data at tradeshows & events both online & offline. Operational on both Apple & Android platforms, TappPro also offers the flexibility to scan a QR code for attendees to complete surveys on their mobile device.

Interactive monitors

Allow attendees to learn more about your organization, enter data, navigate through your website and learn about your organization through videos. Large screen interactive monitors are great for presentations and interactive games.

Innovative lighting

Shot on hanging signs and exhibits, lighting creates movement, color, and texture – and attracts traffic to your exhibit. Colored LED Wall Washed instantly bring an ambiance to receptions.

Virtual Career Fairs

Create an inclusive culture by creating a perpetual virtual career recruiting center. Carry consistent branding from your live exhibit to a virtual world where you can create candidate profiles and resumes.